30th Anniversary Reissue Special
Release date: 30.09.11
3 Classic On-U Sound Abums re-issued in special edition card wallets with inner sleeves for the 30th Anniversary.

New Age Steppers "New Age Steppers"

Creation Rebel "Starship Africa"

African Head Charge "Off the Beaten Track"

Buy all 3 for £24.99. Offer is for a limited period only.
30th Anniversary Reissue Special (CD)
£ 24.99
Off the Beaten Track (CD)
Down Under Again
Off the Beaten Track
Good Things
Language & Mentality
Over The Sky
Release the Doctor
Some Bizarre
Throw It Away
Starship Africa (CD)
Starship Africa Section 1
Starship Africa Section 2
Starship Africa Section 3
Starship Africa Section 4
Starship Africa Section 5
Space Movement Section 1
Space Movement Section 2
Space Movement Section 3
Space Movement Section 4
Creation Rock (feat. Ranking Superstar)
Give Me Power (feat. Jah Woosh)
Original Power
In I Father's House (feat. Prince Far I)
New Age Steppers (CD)
Fade Away
Radial Drill
State Assembly
Crazy Dreams and High Ideals
Abderhamane's Demise
Animal Space
Love Forever
Private Armies
May I
Avante Gardening
Singing Love